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Monday, April 30, 2012

Relay: Greenberger & Guilford Q&A

Today completing the Congressional hearing on commodity market manipulation featuring Michael Greenberger and Gene Guilford. Our regrets for not getting this up earlier. Tech reported the audio was blocked by "unclosed token at line 3." Sounded serious. Actually it sounded trivial, but time-consuming. Then just in the last half hour we discovered a backup file.

Reminding you to mark the Attorney General's investigation which received new impetus this month against the price of commodities. Outlawing the chips in the game, the commodity index swaps and the synthetic exchange traded funds would save us all a lot of cost and risk. So here, the Q&A between the Senators and representatives.
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  1. The first riveting congressional testimony I've heard since Condi Rice.

    There are certain economists, like Donald J Boudreaux, who are vocal apologists for speculators. He always forgets to mention he works for the Koch brothers, who are, you guessed it, oil speculators.