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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Bushit on the economy continues

Look who's misleading the public again:
“Americans are finding jobs and they’re taking home more pay,” Bush said. “The main reason for our growing economy is that we cut taxes and left more money in the hands of families and workers and small business owners.”

--George W. Bush, (last Friday)
That's not the economy here on the ground, Dub.

First, there's the taxes you don't admit.
  • The health care tax -- premiums have doubled for employers and employees over the past five years.
  • The corporate gas price tax -- gas prices went through the roof, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in profits for Big Oil.
  • The deficit tax -- Every dollar borrowed by the Bush regime must be repaid. Yes. Taxes are down this year, on the rich, but the debt is exploding, but every dime has to be repaid, with interest -- with taxes. Maybe that's you. Maybe that's your children. But it's SOMEBODY'S taxes.
Then there's the fact that more money is not in the hands of "families and workers and small business owners."
The tax cuts for the high rollers have very little to do with the economy's activity. What action there is comes from federal spending increases and the big time debt in the residential housing balloon. Wait till after the election.