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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Doc Hastings' ethics fail again

Bob Ney finally resigned, but not because of House "Ethics" Committee Chairman Doc Hastings. Doc has done everything he can to keep all the corruption -- and there's been a bunch -- under wraps, even while he gladhands the folks back home in Washington's 4th District. Four senior Republicans have resigned in the past two years amid scandal. Doc sees no evil.

Ney long ago pled guilty to corruption charges, but retained his House position until yesterday. As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said,
"The Republican leadership has allowed Bob Ney to receive his paycheck and benefits for seven weeks after his admission of guilt to criminal conspiracy charges -- it is an embarrassment to this institution and an insult to the American taxpayer. House Republican leaders have a long pattern of covering up and protecting Republican Members, and their culture of corruption comes at great cost to the American people."
No telling what else is going to come out after the election. If Hastings retains his House seat, it will be a crime in itself. Nobody has done more to nurture the culture of corruption than Doc.